How to Select an Immigration Lawyer?

Are you immigrating to Canada? You will need to hire a lawyer who is specialized in immigration cases. A good lawyer by your side would increase the chance of your immigration application getting accepted. Well, the process of immigration involves a lot of paperwork. Any mistake can either delay the process or the worst being rejected. Hence, working with an immigration lawyer in Toronto is important. It will give you complete peace of mind.

Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

Picking the Right Lawyer

Read on to know how to pick the top rated immigration lawyer Toronto.

Look Out for Scams

Don’t hire a lawyer if he is not having any license. The US and Canadian governments have taken regulatory actions to minimize immigration attorney fraud; still, many immigration lawyers in Toronto continue to claim themselves as experts. In most cases, they don’t even have any experience.

Frauds won’t be able to provide correct legal advice regarding immigration. Hence, it’s better to opt for a lawyer who is reliable and accredited by the government.

Don’t Fall for False Guarantees

The moment an attorney provides a guarantee for your immigration application, strike them off from the list. A good attorney will ensure that a proper application is submitted to the office but can’t guarantee its success. Avoid trusting a lawyer that provides a 100% guarantee with the application. A professional lawyer would provide accurate advice about immigration and won’t misguide clients about the success of the application.

Hire Lawyers Specialized in Immigration

It’s important to hire immigration lawyers for immigration purposes. An immigration lawyer in Toronto will have a better understanding of the situation and will handle the immigration issues accordingly. Other lawyers might be competent but they may not be able to handle the complex issues.

Check out the Expertise

Checking out the expertise of the lawyer is very important. Laws related to immigration are a bit complex. The laws for immigrating to the US and Canada are different; hence, any error might lead to the application getting rejected. An expert lawyer would guide clients through the intricacies of the process. In this respect, checking the credentials of the lawyer is important. Searching the local website of the Bar Association would provide an idea if the lawyer could be hired or not.

Immigration Lawyer in Toronto


One just can’t enter the US or Canada with a criminal background. Applying with a criminal record requires certain knowledge. This kind of job is a part of the bigger immigration process and is handled by specialized lawyers. They would help an applicant to enter even with the criminal charges.


When you are hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto, make sure they know the Canadian immigration law well. During the consultation, they should be able to solve all questions that you might have in your mind. They can show their past success cases.


While researching the immigration attorney, make sure they are a member of the Bar Association. Checking the website for testimonials of past clients would be good to know if they are good for the job or not.

These pointers must be kept in mind when looking for an immigration lawyer in Toronto.


Want to be the real Sherlock Homes?  Well, becoming a detective is not an easy cakewalk. They acquire the required experience and training with a specialization in different crime verticals like murder, robbery and more. Here, we will share the skills that PI Toronto must acquire.

PI toronto

What skills do PI Toronto need from day 1 of his work?

  1. Anxiety management.

Anxiety is a dangerous enemy of this profession. This is something that leaves you blank when you are going to carry a hidden camera.  Sometimes it may make you move from the site when you have been in front of a door for 3 hours and you are still waiting for the clue.

Anxiety should not block your way to achieve success in this field. Anxiety should be your ally, it must be the force that helps you to go from 0 to 100 in a fraction of a second when your research leaves your home.

It is not an easy skill to train, especially if you have a tendency to the contrary, but either you master it or your future in the profession is practically nil.

  1. Absolute Expertise of the camcorder.- Yes, I said absolutely.

Have you seen those movies where a professional detective mounts and dismounts his weapon in seconds with his eyes blindfolded? You must overcome this.

Recording video in a hostile and uncontrolled environment is not easy at all. You are not  in the communion with cousin What skills does a detective need from day 1 of his work?

Character and situations can never be repeated again. Your ability depends on the custody of a minor, the viability of a company or the future of a relationship. You always need to keep in mind, your work is VERY important and that there is no valid excuse for you to dare to go out from work without mastering some basic aspects.

Toronto PI

  1. The expertise of video editing.

Video editing programs have more options than “cut” and “Create DVD”. 60% of the quality of the video depends on the moment of the taking of images, but the remaining 40 % depends on the subsequent work, the postproduction that they would call in the cinema.

Improving sound, eliminating noise, eliminating camera tremors, adjust white balance and, above all, improve lighting. If you practice sometimes you will be surprised by small miracles, and almost black images will reveal their content.

  1. Try, and keep trying.

Almost all the programs have tutorials during their installation and later they can continue consulting. On the other hand, you will find in the network tutorials of almost everything, look for them,  after all, you are private detectives from Toronto!

IRCC Starts 2018 with Record Low Cut-Off Score for a First Draw of the Year for Canada Immigration

Canada is a land which provides lucrative opportunities to job seekers as well as those who want better lifestyle, improved living condition, and great educational opportunities. Those who plan to move to countries like Canada must be well aware of the fact that the immigration process is not that easy as one thinks it to be. In fact, the immigration process is getting complicated with every passing day.

There are numerous immigration programs available and each program has its own rules. Canada Express Entry lawyer states that among several programs, one program which is more suitable is Express Entry System. Unlike the other immigration program, the waiting time for Express Entry is very short. In fact, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes many policies which makes the immigration process a smooth one.

canadian express entry lawyer

Canadian Immigration

The Canadian Immigration brought many changes to the Express Entry system. This was done so that the candidates can get best CRS score. It is not a little bit surprising that IRCC set low cut-off marks for the first draw of candidates who wants to enter the express entry system.

Ask From the Experts

 If you don’t have any idea about the draw predictions, you can easily take the help of Canada immigration lawyers Toronto. The attorney can easily point out the changes, such as IRCC added two factors which can easily boost the CRS score points. It suggested that the scores might stay low and it can even drop from the present score points.

Express Entry mainly allowed candidates to apply for permanent residency. Thus, Canada recently invited 2,750 Express Entry candidates for permanent residence for a draw which took place in the beginning of this year. Although the CRS score was kept 446, IRCC said that it won’t take the score below 446.

On the other hand, it was pointed that the federal government was increasing the number of ITA. Hence, it was assumed that the number of invitations can go up to 4000 during a single draw. Here, the Canada Express Entry lawyer states that their main aim of Express Entry was to keep the pathway for economic immigration clear.

express entry lawyer canada

Lowest Cut-Off

 The cut off for CRS which was kept 446 for January 2018 draw was the same as the draw held on Dec 20. In fact, this cut off mark is being considered as the lowest cut-off marks ever since Express Entry was introduced. However, during the period of 2017, the cut off scores was 468 in the beginning. While in the later period of life it went down to 413.

Immigration lawyer Vancouver states that the different immigration programs like Family Class and Provincial Nominee Program, also increased the economic immigration categories to 3200. On the other hand, the total number of ITA got issued amounted to 86,023. Attorneys are hoping that the year of 2018 would be very busy with new and high targets being set for ITA. With high standards being set it will automatically decrease the CRS scores.

Candidates having any doubts about the Express Entry System should take the help of the Canada Express Entry lawyer. The lawyer can guide potential clients about the new changes in the Express Entry System so that the immigration becomes a smooth one.

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Removing False Charges with DUI Lawyer in Toronto

Under the Criminal Code, a DUI charge in Toronto is very serious. Often, when a person is charged of a DUI offence, a person is subjected to face heavy jail time and penalty. In case, if you feel that you have been falsely accused of a DUI charge, you should immediately take the help of a DUI lawyer in Toronto. The lawyer will do his/ her best in order to get the false charges dropped from their client’s shoulder. Thus, ensures that their client can lead a normal life.

Being charged of a DUI is not only very disturbing but also shocking. Hence, it is important to take the DUI charges very seriously. Even one might feel tempted to fight the case on their own, but it would be better if one takes the help of a skilled DUI lawyer. The lawyer will do their best to prevent their client from getting a criminal record.

DUI lawyer Toronto

Hire DUI Attorney

It cannot be stressed that when you are charged and arrested for DUI, you should take the help of a DUI defense attorney. It can be said that although most of the DUI accusations may true; however, there might be cases when a false allegation might be made. There may be cases when you might be pulled over by a police car and accused of DUI. In order to avoid such situations, it is important to take the help of a DUI lawyer in Toronto. The lawyer will try to investigate the case from their behalf and can easily prove their client innocent.

Proper Defense Is Important

If a person accused of DUI is not having a proper defense it can be very serious. As it is the legal right of an accused to explain their side. Hence, the lawyer will try to ensure that their client is heard. Also the proof that is produced in front of the judge and court of law is correct.

How the Lawyer Helps?DUI lawyer in Toronto

If a person feels that they have been wrongly charged of DUI, it would be better to take the charged for trial. For this, one can take the help of a DUI lawyer in Toronto. The lawyer being highly skilled can easily help to overcome a false situation. Although, police have the right to arrest a person for DUI, but they don’t have the right to arrest a person wrongly, simply based on assumption. In this situation, a person has the right to challenge it in court.

A good lawyer can easily help clients to navigate through the situation and ensure that their client wins the case. For this, the DUI lawyer in Toronto will come up with right facts. For example, lawyer can prove if the police officer arrested someone going beyond the powers. Also if the police officer fails to provide evidences to support the claim then the lawyer will ensure that the case gets dismissed.

Thus, it is advisable to hire a reputed DUI lawyer in Toronto while facing a DUI trial. Their high level of skill and expertise can help a person to easily overcome any false DUI case very easily. To know more about the role of a DUI lawyer, read here.