Want to be the real Sherlock Homes?  Well, becoming a detective is not an easy cakewalk. They acquire the required experience and training with a specialization in different crime verticals like murder, robbery and more. Here, we will share the skills that PI Toronto must acquire.

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What skills do PI Toronto need from day 1 of his work?

  1. Anxiety management.

Anxiety is a dangerous enemy of this profession. This is something that leaves you blank when you are going to carry a hidden camera.  Sometimes it may make you move from the site when you have been in front of a door for 3 hours and you are still waiting for the clue.

Anxiety should not block your way to achieve success in this field. Anxiety should be your ally, it must be the force that helps you to go from 0 to 100 in a fraction of a second when your research leaves your home.

It is not an easy skill to train, especially if you have a tendency to the contrary, but either you master it or your future in the profession is practically nil.

  1. Absolute Expertise of the camcorder.- Yes, I said absolutely.

Have you seen those movies where a professional detective mounts and dismounts his weapon in seconds with his eyes blindfolded? You must overcome this.

Recording video in a hostile and uncontrolled environment is not easy at all. You are not  in the communion with cousin What skills does a detective need from day 1 of his work?

Character and situations can never be repeated again. Your ability depends on the custody of a minor, the viability of a company or the future of a relationship. You always need to keep in mind, your work is VERY important and that there is no valid excuse for you to dare to go out from work without mastering some basic aspects.

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  1. The expertise of video editing.

Video editing programs have more options than “cut” and “Create DVD”. 60% of the quality of the video depends on the moment of the taking of images, but the remaining 40 % depends on the subsequent work, the postproduction that they would call in the cinema.

Improving sound, eliminating noise, eliminating camera tremors, adjust white balance and, above all, improve lighting. If you practice sometimes you will be surprised by small miracles, and almost black images will reveal their content.

  1. Try, and keep trying.

Almost all the programs have tutorials during their installation and later they can continue consulting. On the other hand, you will find in the network tutorials of almost everything, look for them,  after all, you are private detectives from Toronto!